Lisa Marin is an Amsterdam based luxury handbag label founded by Lisa Marijn Eggen in 2019. With the help of her sister Nynke (who is specialized in sustainable product development), she started Lisa Marin. The brand delivers a line of timeless bags for the modern woman who aims for sheer quality and also wants to minimize their carbon footprint. Dedicated to delivering quality Lisa Marin bags are handmade in Italy, as well as most of the materials that are used.


Lisa and Nynke’s love for design and care for the planet is the base of this brand. They feel that products should never be the cause of harm to anyone or anything and that design and sustainability can and should go hand in hand. By embracing this no concession attitude they have designed a collection of high-quality handbags suited to wear for every occasion. They have selected their materials carefully by looking for a balance of quality, style, and environmental impact. Working only with vegan materials, they have created a line of high-end timeless bags.


‘Join us in living consciously while expressing your own authentic style’



Having to choose between luxury style and sustainability should be a thing of the past. We are already 100% vegan, our aim is to be 100% sustainable. With Lisa Marin we want to show that a well designed and high quality handbag doesn't have to be made from leather. A vegan bag can be as beautiful and have the same -if not better- quality.


Our mission is to; 

  • Bring awareness to consumers, so that they can make an educated and authentic choice what they buy, in other words, what they support. 

  • Drive change in the luxury bag industry towards more sustainable thinking, production and innovation.

  • Invest in more sustainable vegan leather options to become a 100% sustainable brand.


Traditionally focused on leather it is for many bag manufacturers unthinkable to use a vegan material instead and still create the same luxury product. Our aim is to work from the inside to change this perception and to invest in innovative material developments.

C O N T A C T  U S 

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