In the search for vegan leather that is both high in quality and low in impact, we touched upon apple leather. A new “leather” innovation that is made from apple fibers that are leftover from the food processing industry. We love the concept of turning waste into high-quality new materials. This material though is still in development and very hard to access. However, when we came to Italy in 2019 to visit our suppliers they had a surprise for us. They have created a material made from apple fiber waste, PU, polyester, and cotton. The coloring process of the material is according to REACH regulations and Oekotex Standard100 certified, which means that the substances that are used are safe to people that work with it and for the people that wear it. Also, not unimportantly, it has a high-quality appeal and looks like leather. We are very happy to be able to use this material for our first collection. The next steps are to develop this material further to become even cleaner and have even less impact. But even if a material is not perfect yet it is already worth investing in to drive change and innovation. 


Our bags are made from more than just apple leather.  Our lining is made from 80% recycled cotton and 20% organic cotton in Italy. The zippers are from YKK and all our hardware is produced in small quantities in Italy and is developed with an Eco finish.



Us with our producer Monika in Italy

We chose Italy as our production country because this is where the heart of luxury bag production lies. There is so much skill and craftsmanship here that we felt it was the best place to develop our handbags. We are very lucky to find our wonderful producer Monika, who has worked together with our suppliers for many years. She works together with modellists that also work for Stella McCartney and other designer brands. She makes sure our products are being made with the highest level of craftsmanship by people that are passionate about what they do.


We are very close to being 100% made in Italy. Our apple leather, lining, hardware, dustbags and of course the bags themselves are made in Italy. Only the zippers and stitching yarn are not made in Italy. We are aiming to develop everything in the same country because we want a clear supply chain and we want to keep the transportation footprint of production small. All of our Italian producers are located in the middle of Italy in the regions Umbria, Macerata, and Tuscany.