Our knotted collection is inspired by an ancient Japanese knotting technique called Furoshiki. They used a square piece of fabric to wrap in presents and re-used it over and over again. We were super inspired by this sustainable way of thinking and we created a new collection out of it. Most bags are made from 100% organic cotton. The grey one is a very special one, it is made from bedsheets from JOARZ (bed linen company in the Netherlands) that customers have returned to them and they could not use anymore. All the ones with a print on them are made from old stock material. The sizes vary a bit because to prevent waste we used the forms that we received. 

The straps are made from organic cord. The little knotted bags are super nice for when you don't need to bring a lot for the day, it can contain everything for an afternoon in the park or a coffee date with your friends. The big knotted bag is super spacious and perfect for a beach day, your groceries or whatever you want to carry for the day.